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CLENZOIL Field and Range Hinge Pin Jelly Grease .25oz

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Clenzoil provides longer lasting lubrication, rust protection and storage opportunities as weapons treated with Clenzoil may be stored for years, remaining lubricated and rust-free even in high humidity environments.  This newly released and specialized hinge pin jelly is another product in Clenzoil offering line unlike anything else currently available.  Don't let the name fool you.  It can be used on many more things that shotgun hinges.  In fact, it works great on rifle bolts, slide rails, action friction points where a grease is called for… fantastic as a anti-seize product for choke tubes!   Unlike 95% of the greases on the market today that provide limited rust / oxidation protection (acting as a simple oxygen barrier)....Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly (HPJ) has Rust Inhibitors actually blended into the formula!  With unequaled tackifiers added, Clenzoil HPJ will not migrate under load which means it can be used sparingly with outstanding results.  With its unique product components and performance attributes, Clenzoil HPJ just may be the ideal product for any and every application where a heavier grease is needed, wanted or required with respect to any weapon type.   This formulated product is currently used by the NASA program in several capacities and has even proven to work in and be impervious to water – both fresh and salt, making it ideal for numerous and countless unique applications.  100% synthetic product that will function in -40C Degrees up to +600C Degrees.

Additionally, as Clenzoil products contain NO water or “aqueous-based” components, it is simply a far superior product to those that do as the absence of water or water-based components means that Clenzoil has a far greater operational temperature range and remains a generally more powerful cleaning agent

Note: Peak temperatures higher than the above operating temperature range for short periods have been established. Stated Performance Design Characteristics: Combining a Calcium Sulfonate Complex thickener with 100% synthetic hydrocarbon fluid results in significant wear reduction and performance at low and high temperature extremes. Formulated with moly, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that are especially formulated for use in our high-performance HPJ Grease. Especially beneficial in moist and/or extreme temperature conditions

Quoted price is for single .25oz jar


About Clenzoil (*extracted from the official website)
Clenzoil is the leading choice among US Military Forces and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.  Clenzoil was originally launched in 1948 with only a couple of primary products, however since then and our initial reorganization, many new products have been introduced and have become available covering a multitude of industry segments along with Clenzoil’s unique opportunity to provide specific, high-end, solution driven supporting products to the military and law enforcement industries worldwide.  Since then, the name Clenzoil has stood for unyielding quality, surpassing both industry and military standards while delivering unmatched superior performance under the toughest and harshest conditions imaginable.

For years Clenzoil products have been used by military, law enforcement and civilian personnel primarily as a cleaner, lubricant and protectant for high grade weapons, weapon systems and firearms. Clenzoil products have also been used successfully in almost every industry segment spanning use for almost every task where a “CLP” product can and could be used. In our “field and range” category, Clenzoil has a well documented and an almost legendary and cult-like following among both civilian and military special forces as it is still considered (for over 60 years now) the “best of the best” in its field and application without equal.

Over the years and since its original development, Clenzoil has also been used and formulated for a variety of specific and non-specific tasks across a myriad of other non-military industries as well; in fact one of the first industrial users of Clenzoil was the US Atomic Energy Commission who in the early 1950s identified Clenzoil as the only known product to stand up against the extreme and harsh corrosive conditions under which it operated at that time. Clenzoil has also been successfully used to not only maintain but actually rehabilitate expensive equipment and machinery, factory and heavy equipment exposed to catastrophic fire, has been used to prep and protect heavy and light equipment before it leaves the factory on its way to the customer or end user, it is used by marine diesel companies and mechanics to clean and maintain fuel injectors and the tools required to work on them, wood laminating companies use Clenzoil to clean and prep their molds and trays as do many other companies involved with injection molding, it is used offshore on oil and drilling rigs in the harsh saltwater environment, etc., etc. – in fact, every day brings news of new and exciting applications for our products as far more uses exist in the everyday practical application of our products than can be categorized under any one single heading or claimed by any one industry.

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