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DOVO Shavette Straight Razor

Price: $47.60

  • Weight:130g
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  • Brand:DOVO

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Today the market is dominated by electric shavers and simple wet shavers. Whether as part of an archaic or a modern lifestyle, using an open razor to remove the beard growth has been a component of shaving culture for centuries.

As a mark of German craftsmanship, the name "Solingen" enjoys the confidence of the whole world for its reputation of cutting tools.  This shavette is a straight razor made by Dovo, based in Solingen, Germany whose legend takes us back to 1906.   Its use of inexpensive disposable stainless steel blades totally eliminates the need to purchase the hone, strop, and most of the other accessories typically required, lowering the cost and difficulty factors greatly.  This razor's versatility has made it a popular choice for professional barbers and hairstylists worldwide.  This convenient and affordable straight razor is perfect for travel or someone just getting started with straight razor shaving.

Although the straight razor can be intimidating at first, taking the time to learn how to shave and maintain your razor can be very rewarding experiences for a traditional wet shaver.  Once you become more experience in straight shaving, however, disposable blade straight razors are worth trying because they can provide a good close shave and are especially useful on occasions where you are short on time or are away from home and do not want to have to carry a strop with you.   Lathering up the soap and wielding a brush - a wet shave is always a special experience.

Maintenance Tips:  Correct care is essential for the maintenance and long life of this traditional gentlemen's accessory.  Each time it is used, the entire razor must be rinsed in clear water and dried thoroughly. If the razor is not used for a longer period, it is advisable to coat it lightly with oil. Never store the razor in a damp, unventilated place.

 - Simple to use, snap double edge blade in half and slide into blade holder, there you go;
 - Includes 3 blade holders, 1 in red takes regular double-edge razor blades snapped in half; and 2 in black "closed comb" takes the longer versions of double edge blades;
 - Comes in full run, with 4 blades and 1 protective razor sleeve with blade storage pocket;
 - Handle made of stainless steel, lasts for long use;
 - The quality you can trust, made in Solingen, Germany


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