What are the business hours of Fusion Gear?

9am - 5pm ACST, Monday – Friday and Sunday.  

How can I contact Fusion Gear?
Any questions, compliments and/or suggestions all are invaluable in helping us improve our services and serve you better.  Be in touch with us for prompt assistance via e-mail.  Most likely, we will get back to you within 8 hours in working day, by the next working day as golden rule.

Do you have a paper catalog you can send me?
Unfortunately, we do not produce paper catalogs at this time.  In our efforts to bring you the best prices and services, a paper catalog would be counter-productive when we can instantly update the website with the latest pricing and item information.

Will I be notified by you on promotions or new arrivals?
We will distribute e-newsletters with latest news on new arrival, promotion and exclusive sales to our customers periodically.  In any case, you want to unsubscribe it, just simply drop us an e-mail and let us know; alternatively unsubscribe in your account instantly.

Can I search for an item?

Sure, you are able to search the site for any and all products that match your entry. Simply enter the item name or keywords or price range into the search box on the top; alternatively, browse by using advanced search come up with more specific result.

Can I pay in other currency other than Australian Dollars?
All prices are shown in Australian Dollars; and we do not accept other currency.

I have questions about using your product. Can you answer them for me?
We'll be happy to!  Just simply drop us a line that we will get back to you by the next working day to our best knowledge.  Please be as specific as possible in your questions.

Can I call in my order by phone?
To serve you in a more efficient way, shopping cart is available 24 hours a day online! Alternatively, drop an e-mail with the item name, quantity that you are after and physical delivery address.  We will get back to you by the next working day.

Is it safe to order on-line?
Of course! Our site is encrypted to make sure that no prying eyes have access to your personal information.  For more information, please refer to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

I live in Adelaide where you are.  Can I pick up and COD?
Unfortunately, we do not accept pick-up at this time.  Just click away, shopping cart is available 24 hours a day online!  Your order will be processed and shipped on the same working day.

I live outside Australia, can I order at Fusion Gear?
We DO accept international orders except USA (*due to severe risk in international shipping).  If you are overseas and wish to order from us, we require cleared advance payment in full amount in Australian Dollars via wire transfer or paypal.  Please be aware that there are certain items cannot ship outside, for instance flammable/hazardous items.  Should you have any doubt, please send us an e-mail to clear up.

NOTE: International shipping cost is based on postal weight/theoretical weight rather than purchase price.  The recipient is responsible for payment of applicable duties, taxes and other fees if applicable.  It is illegal for Fusion Gear to alter or falsify information pertaining to exportation or importation of materials across international borders.  As such, Fusion Gear accurately represents what items are being shipped, and the nature of the delivery, e.g. cannot declare shipments for less than their actual value or label them as gifts.  We do NOT assume liability for fees/taxes/expenses incurred during the importation of products and NOT refund for packages seized by customs or unclaimed at customs.

How long will it take to process my order?
All orders will be processed on the same day upon receipt of cleared payment by 2pm ACST working day.  For instance, the items are on back-order, the Buyer will be notified and given the option to have the order shipped together or in partial as soon as back-order attends available.  

Can I cancel my order?
We take your inquiry seriously
 - Orders that have already shipped out cannot be revised or cancelled;
 - All cancellations must take place within 8 hours of placement of the order;
 - Item(s) on backorder can be cancelled within 48 hours of placement;

What if I ordered something goes on sale, but I paid in full price?
We run promotions periodically.  In case the item goes on sale within 5 days after your invoice date, we will gladly refund the difference to you.  This does not apply to clearance items.

How can I pay the order?
Generally, Fusion Gear accepts the following forms of payment.
- Credit Card* (visa/mastercard/debit card)  
- Paypal
- Bank Transfers/Direct Deposit
* Do NOT accept international card

I just placed an order, when do you charge my card?
We will generally charge your card when the item is ready for shipment.

What happens if the item I ordered is out of stock?
There could be several reasons behind the stock availability, for instance in restocking or is discontinued by manufacturer.  In case the item you order is out of stock, we will not charge your card until we have secured the item from our supplier(s) that is ready for shipment.  However, it is up to your discretion whether to place item(s) on backorder.

Will you be able to supply formal invoice?
Yes, will be attached to the order dispatched regardless of value.

Do you accept international credit card?
Due to increasing amounts of international credit card fraud, we do no longer accept credit card from international customers. The only exceptions to this are orders from New Zealand. If you are overseas and wish to order from us, we require advance payment in full amount in Australian Dollars via wire transfer or paypal.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, you can get free shipping on order value over A$200.00 nation-wide (except international orders).  It is at our discretion which the shipping method is to be used.

Do you combine postage of multi-item purchase?
Yes, more than that we do NOT charge any handling fee as others do.  The postage will be offered based on postal/theoretical weight and your location basically.

Will I be notified when my order is delivered?

Yes, you will be notified by e-mail notification upon delivery in general (*except goods value less than $30).  Please make sure the e-mail address provided is a correct & valid one with frequent access in order to track on your order closely.  You will be able to track on your order by browsing order history in your account.

Parcel tracking screen says it has no information on my order?
There could be several possible reasons behind including but not limited to
- Your order hasn't shipped yet (because of backorder, declined credit card etc.);
- Data system at the Carrier has not updated yet;
- You entered the wrong parcel tracking number into the required field;
- Your e-mail address was wrongly provided;
- Delivery notice e-mail was in your junk box
If several days pass and you are still unable to track your package, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to investigate what's happened.

When can I expect to receive my order?
Depending on where you want the order to be delivered, availability of the item(s) ordered and payment & shipping method and/or other unforeseen circumstances may impact delivery time.  

Generally, all orders will be shipped on the same working day upon receipt of cleared payment in full and will take anywhere between 2-14 days for a package to reach its final destination national-wide.  For more information, you may write to us info(at)fusiongear.com.au.

What shipping service do you use?
We ship our orders by Australia Post unless individually specified.  As precaution against credit card fraud and identity theft, Fusion Gear requires signature on delivery on all orders over A$30 in general.  

What are your shipping rates?
Shipping charges are quoted by the carrier subject to the actual weight and delivery location.  Please note that Fusion Gear has no impact on the shipping charges.

Can I assign a different carrier?
We are more than happy to use any shipping method and carrier you prefer, however, we will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of items sent by alternate shipping methods.  By specifying another carrier, the buyer takes sole responsibility for cost involved and any loss, damaged or stolen items in their order.

Is a shipping insurance included?
No, it can be included upon request at the Buyer’s cost.

In case I have an item to return, how shall I do?
Please let us know in advance asap to acquire a return code, should you need to return any item.  However, Fusion Gear does not accept returns for no reason simply as an example "changed my mind".  

The Buyer shall ensure the item(s) returned appropriately packed with original package in whole including all original components, accessories if any and documentation. More details can be found at Return Policy.

I have a warranty issue. What shall I do?
Though we do try to check each piece of merchandise before it leaves our warehouse, sometimes a defective item does make it through.  You can either send the item back to the manufacturer in accordance to their warranty policies, or you can return the item to us, and we will ship it back for you after repair.  If you do prefer to return to us for warranty, please include sufficient funds for return shipping.

What do I do if the product is damaged when I receive it?
It is rare but may happen in transition.  If you receive a package with damaged products, please contact us asap within 24 hours.  We will be assisting you to resolve it in the best way.  Please retain the original shipping box and remnants, as this may be necessary to file a claim with the shipping carrier.  

Should have any questions not covered above, please feel free to write to us info(at)fusiongear.com.au.  We will be happy to help out to our best knowledge.

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