Handmade Flamidor Style Solid Copper Pipe Lighter
Description72mm x 22mm x 19mmSolid copper...
Stainless Steel Collapsible Pocket Bellow
Dimensions: Contracted: 15 cm / Extended: 60 cm...
NAGATAC Handmade WWI German Army Petrol Trench Lighter Repro
This cigarette lighter, with the German Imperial Crown, and "Gott Mit Uns", is the same de...

NAGATAC Solid Brass Micro Spark Fire Starter
One of the smallest one-handed fire starting devices available, measures 40mm long overall, solid br...
UCO Titan Storm Proof Match
When your outdoor adventure demands ingenuity as a survival skill, pack the Titan Stormproof Match K...
NAGATAC Hand Forged Arrowhead Pendant Flint Striker
Forged from an old fileHeight: 1 & 3/8 inches / 3.3 cmWidth: 1/2 inch / 1.4 cmDisclaimThis item ...

Solid Brass Spark Fire Starter
Material: brass Length: approx. 6.5cm...
Replica Field Stainless Steel Trench Petrol Lighter
An old superstition you never light three cigarettes on one match. It came about because if you held...
Hand Forged Twisted Fire Starting Steel Flint Striker
In a severe survival situation, your ability to create fire, fish and hunt is essential. Efficiency ...

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