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Tick Key Keychain Tick Removal Tool

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  • Model: TK81002
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TICK KEY is the only tick removal device on the planet that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks.  The Tick Key easily removes embedded ticks from skin - and it fits on a keychain or dog collar.  99.9% effective on all sizes and types of ticks, the Key with taking off ticks is to get the complete tick removed, head and all.   Tweezers can tear the mouthparts from the tick's body leaving them imbedded to cause possible infection.  It is important to NEVER SQUEEZE THE TICK, NEVER USE CHEMICALS, VASELINE, PATCHES, MATCHES, HEAD OR ANYTHING THAT WILL STRESS THE TICK because it will release any disease, virus or bacteria it may be carrying into the bloodstream and thus cause illness.

This tick key is portable, safe and simple to use anywhere.  Fabricated from high-strength anodized aluminum, flat-constructed and is easily put in wallet/pocket, on a key chain, collar, saddle, or leash.  Using the Tick Key you don't even have to touch the tick and risk coming in contact with any contaminates.  The Tick Key will take ticks off safely and completely without stressing them or you!

Prompt tick removal is important.  It takes only 24 hours for Lyme disease to be released into the bloodstream.  Having a tick key, you are ready to remove ticks at home or in the filed wherever there's a need.  The Tick Key does not prevent Lyme Disease or any other type of illness associated with Lyme.

Tick Key Is Your Key To Removing Ticks Saftely and Completely!

• 2.5 x 1.5 inches, flat shape is easy to store or carry, you can keep one everywhere;
• Easiest-To-Use Tick Remover On Earth!  Works on people and pets. Simply place the key over the tick in the teardrop hole. Slide the tick into the specially tapered slot. Pull key up from skin. The tick is removed easily and quickly in a single sliding motion;
• Unique US patent pending design has been tested and perfected over years;
• Removes ticks of any size head and all, including deer ticks,dog ticks and wood ticks.
• Made of high-strength anodized aluminum...NOT a weak piece of plastic.
• Since the key secures the tick quickly and removes it even faster, your animal does not have a chance to “fuss”. If you have ever tried to use tweezers on a nervous animal you know what we mean.
• Made in USA
• Color random deliver!

How To
1.Place the Tick Key over the tick in the tear-drop hole. It's best to have the back end of the tick facing the point of the tear-drop hole.
2.Slide the tick into the specially tapered slot.
3.Pull Tick Key up from the skin. The tick is removed easily, head and all!
4.Wash the tick-bite site with soap and water. Apply antibiotic to the site of the tick bite. Disinfect your Tick Key after each use with alcohol.
* Some ticks are imbedded deeply and are stubborn as mules!. They are literally hanging on for life. If the forward angled motion of the key fails to remove the tick, simply pull the key firmly away from the skin with the sturdy aluminum key and off it comes….every-time….easily.
* Don't Remove Ticks With Your Fingers.  In many cases a tick is likely to be carrying pathogens such as lyme disease,ehrlichiosis and others that are harmful to humans and pets.  Tick saliva or blood is something you do not want to risk being on your hands or under your fingernails.  Pulling on a tick, even with tweezers, can tear the mouth parts from the body of the tick leaving them embedded in the wound causing risk of secondary infections.

Why Using Tick Key?
Don't Squeeze, Crush or Squash A Tick.  This can force spirochete and other infective body fluids through the mouth parts of the tick and into the wound site increasing the risk of infectious diseases.  Don't Apply Substances To A Tick.  Applying any substances, such as petroleum jelly, fingernail polish remover, repellents, or a lighted match that upset or harm the tick almost always cause the tick to vomit the contents of its stomach back into the host.  No matter how badly a tick may want to remove itself, it is not capable of doing so quickly. Ticks can live without air for long periods; attempts to smother it can allow disease transmission for hours.


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