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US Military G.I.Issue Desert Camouflage Face Paint Stick

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The term camouflage comes from the French word camoufler meaning to blind or veil.  Camouflage, also called protective concealment, means to disguise an object, Camouflage, in plain sight, in order to conceal it from something or someone.  From the early days of history to the present, camouflage has been recognized as a means of concealment.  Armies, engineers and artists have all had a hand in devising the tools we use to hide, disguise and distract; tools like camouflage netting.  By properly placing a camouflage net you can hide from an enemy, observe a shy animal or disguise unattractive equipment.  Camouflage is the method which allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment.  Examples include a tiger's stripes and the battledress of a modern soldier.  Woodland camouflage is a form of deception. In nature, there is a strong evolutionary pressure for animals to blend into their environment or conceal their shape; for prey animals to avoid predators and for predators to be able to sneak up on prey.  Some animals use mimicry, seeming to be something else, such as a leaf, a stone, a twig, or a similar but more dangerous/poisonous animal.  Some mimics also simulate the natural movement, i.e. of a leaf in the wind, this is called procryptic behavior or habit.  Other animals attach or attract natural materials to their body for concealment.

The need for camouflage arose because of advancing technology that permitted the enemy to observe troop concentrations and movement.  In addition to the long-range surveillance capability, improved thermal and night-vision equipment as well as continuing advances in optics make concealment of ground forces ever more difficult. Face camouflage is one part of a total approach to concealment.  Effective personal camouflage depends on studying the local terrain and vegetation to pick material and colors that best blend with the area. Patterned uniforms and use of vegetation attached to helmets are basic, but exposed skin stands out.  This brings the reason for demanding camouflage face paint.  Exposed skin reflects light and may draw the enemy's attention.  This is particularly true for Special Forces, snipers, and others where surprise or the ability to move undetected are key to their mission.  It is common in militaries all over the world for soldiers in combat scenarios to paint their faces and other exposed body parts (hands for example) in natural colors such as green, tan, and loam for camoflauge purposes military reasons (mainly as a method of camouflaging) or to scare ones enemy.

Even very dark skin, because of its natural oil, will reflect light.  Camouflage face paint is used to camouflage the skin.  When applying camouflage stick, soldiers work with a buddy in pairs to help each other.  A two-color combination of camouflage stick is applied in an irregular pattern.  Shiny areas (forehead, cheekbones, nose, ears, and chin) are painted with a dark color, and shadow areas (around the eyes, under the nose, and under the chin) are painted with a light color.  In addition to the face, exposed skin on the back of the neck, arms, and hands are also painted.   Palms of hands are not normally camouflaged if arm-and-hand signals are to be used.  The three standard camouflage face paint sticks are: loam and light green for all troops in areas with green vegetation; sand and light green for all troops in areas lacking green vegetation; and loam and white for all troops in snow covered terrain.

All camouflage face paints have been designed not only to provide the desired camouflage protection, but also must meet soldier acceptability and safety criteria.  Design criteria includes comfort in application and wearing, durability over time, appearance, resistance to perspiration, ease of application and removal, and compatibility to clothing and other equipment.  The face paint will not reduce the natural sensing capabilities of the soldier, and is nearly odorless, and it will not cause any health hazards such as skin irritation or due to possible ingestion of material.

Logistic concerns such as capability of being used and stored in all climatic conditions without degrading, expendable item with no environmental hazard due to the disposal, and is designed such that it can be carried in the pockets of standard combat clothing.

The stick comes with two colors per stick in a tube that opens on both ends, one color on each end.  Woodland camouflage (light green and sand) in pocket size, official current US government issue.  Easy to carry around.  Painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours.  With GSA compliant (NSN: 6850-00-161-6202); with 2-color combination of LIGHT GREEN AND SAND

Size: L80mm x D24mm, Weight: 36g


How to Camouflage (*extracted from
Instructors at the U.S. Army Sniper School at Fort Benning, GA offer this advice on soldier's camouflage:

        -When applying camouflage paint to your skin, work with a buddy. Apply a two or three color combination of camouflage in an irregular pattern. Face paint in wooded areas should be short vertical stripes, consistent with vegetation. Other terrain dictates locally consistent patterns to match.
        -Paint shiny areas -- forehead, cheekbones, nose, ears, and chin -- with a dark color. Paint shadow areas -- around the eyes, under the nose and under the chin -- with a light color.
        -Don't forget the back of the neck, arms and hands. Palms of hands are not normally camouflaged if arm-and-hand signals are not to be used. Remove all jewelry to further reduce shine or reflection.
        -Study the terrain and vegetation and pick camouflage material that best blends with the area.
        -Change camouflage as needed. When moving from one area to another, blend with the surroundings. Take grass, leaves, brush and other material from your location and apply it to your uniform and equipment and put face paint on your skin.
        -Do not over-camouflage. Too much camouflage material may actually disclose a position. Get your camouflage material from a wide area. An area stripped of all or most of its vegetation may draw attention.
       - Helmets. Camouflage your helmet with leaves, grass or sticks. Use strings, burlap strips or rubber bands to hold those in place. If there is no material for a helmet cover, disguise and dull helmet surface with irregular patterns of paint or mud.
        -Uniforms. Add more camouflage to make the uniform blend better with the surroundings. To do this, put mud on the uniform or attach leaves, grass or small branches to it.


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