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WWII Swedish Army M39 Military Canvas Rucksack Reproduction

Price: $179.99

  • Model: M39S
  • Weight:1400g
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This is a reproduction of the classic Swedish canvas & leather rucksack designed in the 1930’s and used in WWII.  A simple single-bucket canvas pack, affectionately known as the ‘Moose Sack” for this simple shape, it is a fantastic vintage-styled pack for modern use.  The design goes almost hand in hand with the whole "bushcraft" craze.

To carry on the legend, this rucksack is characterised by its tough canvas, and a wide range of very functional leather straps and fittings as old days, including bedroll straps below and side straps for carrying an axe or securing a poncho, waterproof or tarp.  A definite favourite among bushcrafters, holds just enough gear to allow for a comfortable day outing.  It also features a separate pocket inside that can put your cooking gear quite nicely without getting all sorts of soot on your other gear.  The main bucket closes simply with a thick drawstring.

You can reproof and refurbish this rucksack with the natural ingredient based canvas wax supplied as often as needed.  Simply apply an even thin layer of wax over your bag then use a heat gun or blow dryer in approx. 10cm distance to warm the wax so it absorbs into the canvas. The wax finish will deepen the colour to its beauty and richness at most; and make the canvas become water resistant.   

Size 39 x 29 x 13cm
Capacity 19L (main compartment)
Weight 1.25kg approx. (net)
Leather Strap, genuine cowhide from Italy
Durable canvas makes it last long
Color in Olive Drab (body); and in Khaki (flipcover)
Include a bar of canvas wax for free

About Swedish M39 Rucksack

Sweden maintained a neutral position during WWII but that didn’t stop them from increasing their military strength to over 600,000 during the height of the war. Fielding a force of this size called for a ruck of uncomplicated design that could handle abuse and maintain functionality during the harsh Swedish winter. Created in 1939 (hence the M39 designation) this pack was designed to fit a multitude of needs for a foot-mobile infantryman. Lightweight and compact the M39 rucksack can carry over 40 liters (2440 cubic inches) of gear and still be able to carry a sleeping system and entrenching tool on the exterior of the ruck. The external steel frame and harness leather straps provide serious strength and durability while remaining surprisingly light. The design was fielded by the Swedish military into the 1960's and highly sought after today by minimalists and vintage collectors everywhere.

the color shown in the pictures is for demonstration purpose only.

Quoted price is for single rucksack only, excluding the tools/gear shown in the pictures.

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